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Chronic Pain: Bye Bye Inflammation Plan

Chronic pain is no joke. This pain can affect your daily life and restrict you from work, social events, or even vacations. A lot of times, chronic pain is closely associated with a deeper problem going on within your body - inflammation.


At OVA, we work towards tackling the root of your chronic pain problem to create a plan to get you to start feeling like you again.

Who is the Bye Bye Inflammation Plan for?


People who looking to find alleviation from chronic pain.


People with a lot of tension that keeps coming back despite taking medication.


Women who may have painful periods along with their chronic pain.

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Why is Acupuncture Important for Chronic Pain?

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), studies suggest that acupuncture is very effective for chronic pain including neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, tension headache and migraines, and more. 


So how does it work? 


Acupuncture focuses on the specific acupoints in the body that will release endorphins, which is the body’s natural pain-killing chemical. By activating this part of the brain, the body will start to relax and release tension around the area you’re feeling pain.

What Should I Expect from the Bye Bye Inflammation Plan at OVA?

Inflammation is closely correlated to chronic back and autoimmune diseases.


In this 12-week treatment plan, you will work closely with Dr. Zakes and our team to make health and lifestyle changes that will help get rid of tension and inflammation within your body. 


Each week, you will get personalized acupuncture and bodywork depending on your pain and/or your phase of your menstrual cycle. For a lot of women, your menstrual cycle’s health plays a key role in your chronic pain.


Every two weeks, you will also meet with our functional medicine coach, who will help you transition and implement diet and health changes.

What We Include in Your Bye Bye Inflammation Plan With OVA:

  • 3 Month Program

  • Acupuncture Weekly

  • Body Work

  • Customized Nutrition Plan

  • Bye Bye Inflammation: A Holistic Approach to Pain Management E-Book

  • Monthly Mindfulness Coaching

  • Chinese Herbs

  • Monthly Workshop with Guest

  • Self-Care Starter Kit

  • OVA Workout Guide

  • Monthly Yoni Steams

Are you ready to start your Bye Bye Inflammation Plan at OVA?

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments.

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