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Hormone Health: Finding Your Balance Plan

Do you know how long your menstrual cycles are? Do you have painful periods? What type of discharge do you have during each week of your cycle? Did you know each week of your cycle is completely unique? 


Don’t feel overwhelmed!  For so many years, periods have been a taboo topic so many women were afraid to talk about. 

News flash: hormone health is important, natural, and here to stay! Let’s talk about it.


If you didn’t know how to answer any of the questions above, then it’s time we introduce you to the hormone health plan at OVA. Oftentimes PCOS, endometriosis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, menopause, thyroiditis, and many other disorders dictate the quality of life for thousands of women across the world. 


And while for some we may have to blend Eastern and Western medicine, there is a tremendous improvement to be made by going ‘back to basics’ and incorporating acupuncture and herbal medicine into your health care model.

Who is the Finding Your Balance Plan for?


Women who are unfamiliar with their menstrual cycle.


Women who experience irregular or painful periods.


Women who want a holistic approach to a healthier menstrual cycle.


Why is Acupuncture Important for Hormone Health?

Acupuncture is a holistic approach to restore balance in your body. There is a point for everything, so naturally, there are points on your body that help restore and balance your hormones. 


There are four phases during your cycle: menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulatory phase, and luteal phase.


When your hormones are out of balance, you’ll notice a whole bunch of negative symptoms including headaches, painful cramps, or even missing periods altogether. 

Each phase of your period requires specific acupressure points to be stimulated to promote a healthier cycle.

What Should I Expect from the
Finding Your Balance Plan at OVA?

Each week, Dr. Amaya will tailor your acupuncture and bodywork corresponding to the phase of your menstrual cycle.


Along with your weekly visits with Dr. Amaya, you’ll also work alongside our functional medicine coach every two weeks to help you transition and implement new health and diet changes for your hormone health.

What We Include in Your Finding Your Balance Plan With OVA:

  • 3 Month Program

  • Acupuncture Weekly

  • Body Work

  • Customized Nutrition Plan

  • Finding Your Balance: A Holistic Approach to Your Hormones E-Book

  • Monthly Mindfulness Coaching

  • Chinese Herbs

  • Monthly Workshop with Guest

  • Self-Care Starter Kit

  • OVA Workout Guide

  • Monthly Yoni Steams

Are you ready to start your Finding Your Balance Plan at OVA?

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments.

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