Stress and anxiety play a huge role in your health and wellbeing. Did you know that an overabundance of stress and anxiety can lead to inflammation, which can lead to chronic anxiety, depression, and chronic pain? 


So many people struggle with stress in today’s society and it’s causing too much deterioration on our wellbeing. It’s time to calm the Shen and start living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 



Who is the Calming the Shen plan for?


  • People who are constantly struggling with stress, anxiety, and tension.

  • People who struggle with chronic pain and don’t know why.

  • People who are currently taking medication for depression or anxiety, and who are looking to manage their symptoms naturally.




Why is Acupuncture Important for Stress and Anxiety?


Acupuncture at its roots aims to heal your body from the inside out. Acupuncture actually assists the nervous system to achieve a balance by alleviating your stress and anxiety symptoms by releasing endorphins (natural pain killer chemicals in the brain). 


Acupuncture also improves overall blood circulation throughout the body and boosts the amount of oxygen in tissues, which results in the feeling of relaxation. 



What Should I Expect With This Calming the Shen Plan at OVA?


This 12-week treatment plan will help you change your overall lifestyle and health. This plan works closely with Dr. Zakes to rid your body of tension and inflammation.


The best way to start getting rid of tension and inflammation in your body is by changing your diet and incorporating a personalized herbal formula to aid in your lifestyle change. 


We bet you didn’t know that all those cookies and sodas you intake are actually causing your anxiety and stress to get worse? 


Education is a big part of the Calming the Shen plan. We provide our patients with nutrition guides and coaching to help them transition to a healthier lifestyle.


Each week, Dr. Zakes will tailor your acupuncture and bodywork protocol to the corresponding phase of your menstrual cycle. Our Mindfulness Coach will meet with you every two weeks to help you transition and implement the changes we are making.



What We Include in Your Calming the Shen Plan With OVA:


  • 12 Week Program

  • Acupuncture Weekly

  • Body Work

  • Customized Nutrition Plan

  • Calming the Shen: A Guide to Managing

Your Anxiety Naturally (E-Book)

  • Mindfulness Coaching

  • Chinese Herbs

  • Ovasitol

  • Monthly Workshop with Guest

  • Self-Care Starter Kit

  • OVA Workout Guide

  • Monthly Yoni Steams



Are you ready to start your Calming the Shen Plan at OVA?


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Ova Health + Fertility is dedicated to providing complementary   care that provides an integrative approach to Eastern medicine. By combining acupuncture and herbal medicine, we can provide drug-free relief for pain, stress, anxiety, autoimmune disease and fertility

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