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The Holistic IVF Plan

If you and your partner have decided to go the IVF (in vitro fertilization) route, then you should consider supplementing your IVF journey with acupuncture care.



Women who are struggling with infertility and having trouble conceiving on their own.


Women who are looking for a holistic approach in conceiving.


Women who are looking to make sure their bodies are prepared for pregnancy.

Who is the Holistic IVF plan for?

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When Should You Have Acupuncture During IVF?

Dr. Amaya recommends women who are trying to conceive through IVF treatments to start weekly acupuncture sessions 3 months prior to starting an IVF cycle. 




It takes 3 months for a primary follicle to develop. During your treatment each week, the acupuncture points stimulated will change depending on where you are on your cycle. We want to make sure the eggs that are at retrieval reflect the amazing changes we made during your acupuncture treatment.

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Is Acupuncture Safe After Embryo Transfer?

YES! Research actually shows improved pregnancy rates by incorporating acupuncture treatment before and AFTER IUI and embryo transfer. 


Remember, acupuncture is aiding to increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, regulate your hormone levels, reduce your stress, and improve your overall health. Thus, we absolutely recommend the addition of this plan to your IVF journey.

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What Should I Expect With This Fertility Plan at OVA?

You will visit OVA each week, for 12 weeks. 


Each week, Dr. Amaya will focus on acupuncture points corresponding to the phase of your menstrual cycle to prepare the successful growth of your follicles to prepare your body for conception. 


Along with weekly acupuncture, you’ll also have bodywork done to improve the blood flow around the uterus and ovaries to improve egg quality.


By incorporating acupuncture with your IVF plan, we are giving your body the perfect mix of eastern and western medicine.

An important note: Chinese herbs are very powerful at addressing hormone imbalances, which is why we do not use them in this plan.

We instead allow your MD to find the perfect balance with their fertility drugs.

What We Include in Your Fertility Plan With OVA:

  • 12 Week Program

  • Acupuncture Weekly

  • Body Work

  • Customized TCM Nutrition Plan

  • The Holistic IVF Companion E-Book

  • Mindfulness Exercises & Coaching

  • Monthly Workshop with Guest

  • Self-Care Starter Kit

  • OVA Yin Workout Guide

  • Monthly Yoni Steams to promote uterine health

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Consider Adding Your Partner to Your Fertility Plan Care



As we prepare YOUR body for conception, it’s also important to focus on your partner’s overall health as well. By incorporating weekly acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition, and herbs, your partner will produce healthier sperm and feel better too.  


Weekly treatment for male fertility will increase their testosterone, release tension, and some may even feel more energized (in general and in the bedroom)! 


What We Include For Your Partner: 


  • Acupuncture Weekly

  • Body Work

  • Customized Nutrition Plan

  • Herbs

Are you ready to start your Holistic IVF Plan at OVA?

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments.

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